Learn the most effective and efficient self defence system in the world

Learn from THE ONLY IDF Certified Krav Maga instructor in all of Canada

Group Classes 

Small group classes allow for lots of personal attention, hands on practice and rapid advancement. Classes focus on fitness, techniques and real life simulated training

Corporate Events & Workshops

We offer fun day, full of activities for work places resulting in employees confidence and self esteem building. Or you may choose IDF Krav Maga style Boot camp that will test your fitness boundaries. Available Worldwide

Professional & Private Training

A continuing education program for V.I.P security, First responders, Soldiers, Correctional officers, Coast guards, Search and Rescue and other emergency personnel

Authentic and Efficient IDF Krav Maga
Now on Vancouver Island and The Lower Mainland

Life today is unpredictable and so much is out of our hands, but learning the skills to protect yourself (and others) from a physical threat is something you can control.

We are all living under a tremendous amount of stress and are extremely preoccupied, which can make us vulnerable.
IDF Krav Maga trains your mind and your body, teaching you to be present and aware, with the skills to judge any stressful situation and react appropriately.

Knowing that you can defend yourself against any attacker(s) is
peace of mind you can not get anywhere else.

IDF Krav Maga School teaches the original system as developed in Israel for the Israeli Military (IDF).
IDF Krav Maga is taught to Military, First responders and civilians all around the world.

Our instructors are all Veterans and certified by the IDF with decades of experience training and teaching soldiers and civilians.

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