Sergeant Major Omri Serper – Head Instructor

If you want to learn IDF Krav Maga – learn it from the authentic source, Israeli born, qualified and certified.

Omri’s professional background includes IDF (Israel Defence Force) Service, Counter-Terrorism work with Military Units in Israel and Canada, Security Coordination for the Israeli Border Police, International Personal Security, Corporate Security and Surveillance, and over 24 years experience training individuals, professionals, and groups in IDF Krav Maga.

What Clients Say About Me

Upon learning that I was interested in IDF Krav Maga; a friend recommended I try training with Omri. I was instantly impressed with his respectful demeanour and attitude towards self-defence. Blending a sense of humour, with a style of defence that is powerful and effective was a winning combination for me.
Dave Shindel Head Instructor Black Belt Fitness
 I look forward to training with Omri every week. It’s a great workout and the most efficient self defence system I have ever learned. I have a 7 1/2yrs experience in martial arts and karate, with a 1st Dan, but this system offers far more. I advise anyone who wants to learn self defence to train with Omri from IDF Krav Maga.
Niko J.
This is very real training for a very real world. Omri has a thorough understanding of what he is teaching and ensures we are getting the most out of our time with him. I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to be in better shape, just be prepared to get dirty and work harder than you ever have before. There is mental discipline needed to make it through the class but it prepares you for real life. 
 The best place in Canada to learn IDF Krav Maga. Omri is an exceptional instructor. He challenges you to push yourself farther than you think you can go, and not only teaches you how to defend yourself, but how to to be in complete control of your body and mind. You go here and not only learn self defence, but you gain confidence and family. I would recommend this school to anyone! 
Hannah Christian
I highly recommend the IDF Krav Maga School Canada and Omri Serper’s expertise to anyone looking for self defense training. IDF Krav Maga is the most effective means of protecting yourself or your loved ones from an attack. Having this knowledge and the practical skills taught by Omri Serper could save your life one day. More than that, the group classes and team building activities are focused on developing character and helping you become the best-version-of-yourself. Come and check it out! 
Tasha Magnan

Sergeant Major Omri Serper

IDF Krav Maga Head Instructor

If you want to learn the most effective and the most efficient self defence system, learn IDF Krav Maga

My Experience

Rank: Sergeant Major
8 years of Military & Security Experience
*Close Combat Krav Maga Diploma
*Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques
*Crowd Management
*Crisis Management and Human Behavior
British Columbia, Canada
T 778-952-3300


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