Krav Maga or IDF KRAV MAGA

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We have visited many martial arts dojos and gyms in BC and other Provinces.
A lot of those have a program that is dedicated to self defense according to their own views and taught in a martial art form & way
A lot of them also call it “Krav maga”, as if it became a general word for self defense. They also know that people connect to that term.
When teaching “krav maga” it looks like they have been watching a video on YouTube, had an online video crash course and started teaching And they make a nice profit off of it.
It is a very common thing in America and North America.

But, The original form of the Krav Maga is the Israeli Military Close Combat form, which was invented and developed as the IDF KRAV MAGA.

IDF KRAV MAGA  is not & never will be a Martial Art!

therefore, a martial art gym or dojo, that is teaching a martial art self defense, calling it “Krav Maga”, is tricking people to believe, it is the system everybody has heard of…
The result is; people who wish to learn a very specific Self Defense System, are learning Mistakes!!!

IDF KRAV MAGA is the Original Military Close Combat Self Defense System and referred to, in short, as Krav Maga.

When you are interested in watching online videos of the real form of Krav Maga,  search; IDF KRAV MAGA.

When you are interested in learning & practicing Krav Maga – Search for a  Certified  IDF Krav Maga instructor.

Certification under Certification under someone that was certified in israel or by an israeli, just won’t do.
the core is right, but the actual techniques are lacking in every aspect.