Martial Arts, Combat Sports OR IDF Krav Maga ?

IDF Krav Maga can Never be a part of a martial art gym nor a Dojo
for the simple reason that it wasn’t, is not now and never will be a Martial Art.

IDF Krav Maga was Invented and Developed as a Military Self Defence System.

Martial Arts, MMA, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and others like them are great Ring Sports, with Rules.
IDF Krav Maga Self Defence is a sophisticated Street fight system, with No Rules.

A Martial Art is just that, an art.
IDF Krav Maga, on the other hand, is a Close Combat System.

Mats and Ring Sports have winners and losers.
At the end of a match, they hug, shake hands, go home and continue training to prepare for the next competitive match.
There are belts, buckles & prizes.

By contrast, IDF Krav Maga has a Defender/Survivor and an unlucky Attacker.
In the street, there are no rules, no respect, no rematches, no belts, no buckles and the only prize is going home alive and able to continue learning and practicing.
The goal of training is not to prepare for competitions but to advance and achieve higher levels of IDF Krav Maga Self Defence knowledge.

In the Ring and On the Mat the referee will intervene if a fighter’s life is in danger or a rule is broken and stop the fight.

In real Life, there is no referee nor rules and only knowing IDF Krav Maga will stop the fight.

We are IDF Krav Maga School.
We believe that learning and practicing IDF Krav Maga with our IDF Certified Instructors, is the only professional way to fulfill your essential Self Defence needs.

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