Not all Self Defence programs are the same

There are many martial art dojos and gyms around North America who offer “self defence” programs using their particular brand of martial art techniques and theories.  Some of these gyms are even calling their programs “Krav Maga” in order to capitalize on, and take advantage of, the growing interest in the extremely effective Israeli Military Self Defence system but IDF Krav Maga is NOT and NEVER WILL BE a Martial Art.  It is, quite simply, a military system designed to give you practical tools to protect yourself and others in real life threatening situations.

Instructors of these “Krav Maga” classes have NO credentials, NO experience, and NO technique. Students learning from them, who are looking to learn self defence to protect themselves and their loved ones, are being misled and poorly trained.

IDF KRAV MAGA is the ORIGINAL Military Close Combat Self Defence System, often referred to by imitators as simply “Krav Maga” or “Krav”, but there is absolutely no substitute for the real thing.   If you really want to learn IDF Krav Maga, the most efficient self defence system in the world, then it must be done with an Israeli born, IDF Certified Instructor.

To watch online videos of the real form of IDF Krav Maga, search; IDF KRAV MAGA or CLICK HERE.

When you are interested in learning and practicing IDF Krav Maga – Contact Us or search for a Certified IDF Krav Maga instructor.

Our Head Instructor, and one of IDF Krav Maga School’s Founders in Canada and the US, Sergeant Major Omri Serper, is not only certified by the IDF’s Army School for Combat Fitness but also served in the IDF, did Counter-Terrorism work with Military Units in Israel and Canada, acted as Security Coordinator for the Israeli Border Police, provided International Personal Security, Corporate Security and Surveillance, and has over 24 years experience training individuals, professionals, and groups in IDF Krav Maga – Self Defence System.