Online Course???

computer pic            Online Course???

People are sending us links to all kinds of online self defense teachings.

We have watched many videos that made us grab our head and ask ourselves if it is for real???!!!

As a joke, it might be funny, but not when people actually think, these are the right ways to deal with different attacks, when obviously, these ways that are shown are wrong, teaching only mistakes and bad habits.

An online course or demo
is not the safest way to learn
is not a good idea to learn from
and it’s not recommended at all to try at home.

If you truly are interested in learning the best self defense system in the world
Search for a Certified ‘IDF Krav Maga’ Instructor and walk in to
the best training experience you’ve ever had.
Remember: The Term ‘’Krav Maga’’ is used as a short version for the full name ‘’IDF Krav Maga’’.
When looking to Learn & Practice, Always Check that the Instructor is an
IDF Krav Maga Certified!
Since the Term and System are so Popular, Different Places are advertising krav maga
lessons, when they are not certified nor trained for.