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 IDF Krav Maga School offers 6 types of PROGRAMS

IDF Krav Maga teaches the most efficient way to deal with threats and attacks at a workplace, class, travel and on the street.
Our programs also help many people deal with, and manage, their daily stress and fear.
They can also help those with certain disabilities to reduce and even overcome them.
Learning IDF Krav Maga has helped many people decrease, and in some cases even eliminate, unnecessary medications.
Over time our programs greatly contribute to a person’s overall health, mental and physical, while being fun and interactive.

Not all programs are the same

There are many martial art dojos and gyms in North America who offer self defence programs using their particular brand of martial art techniques and theories.  Some of these gyms are even calling their programs krav maga in order to capitalize on, and take advantage of, the growing interest in the extremely effective Israeli Military Self Defence system.  These instructors have no credentials, no experience, and no technique.  The result is that people who are looking to protect themselves and their loved ones are being misled and poorly trained.

There is no substitute for the real thing.   If you want to learn IDF Krav Maga, the most efficient self defence system in the world, do it with an IDF Certified Instructor.


Weekly Classes – designed to maximize learning in minimum time.  Techniques are learned quickly and students spend a majority of the class practicing through controlled realistic simulations working with partners or in groups. The focus of the program is to enable each and every person, regardless of age, sex, or fitness level, to defend themselves, if required.
Private Training – One on One $150 Per Hour.
Professional & Personal Training for all.
Special Training for Actors, Stunt performers and Other Movie Industry Personnel.

2 or more Private Sessions a month includes a Monthly Membership to our bi-weekly group classes.

Monthly IDF Krav Maga Workshops / Seminars – Group training events; Both men and women, different ages, strengths, heights, etc. Training is indoor and outdoor, preparing you for realistic threatening situations.
Corporate Team Building – a fun and educational day for all, full of Leadership & Teamwork activities, boosting employees Morale, confidence and self esteem. Recommended for Special Security Teams, Club Members, Sport Teams, Teachers, Club & Bar Employees, Office Based Employees (interacting with the public), etc.
 Fitness Boot-camp – Test your Fitness boundaries with IDF Combat Fitness activities.
Continuing Education – Custom Programs for Professional Security Teams, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Search & Rescue teams and Private Groups. IDF Krav Maga Course 1 is Only for the groups above. If you are a group, unit or organization interested in this program, we can develop a custom training program specifically tailored to your needs.
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