Understand how to deal with violent situations

A lot of times, we are trying to understand how to deal with violent situations, if it’s verbally or worst case, physically.

All around the world we are witnessing violence. Kicking, punching, scratching, hitting objects, stabbing, shooting & terror organization attacks.

We are living in a country that most citizens are described as patient, kind and respectful. But we do have problems such as these.
Politically-socially: People with different agendas and different ideas are bringing their extreme views to people with no self esteem, no back bone and brain washing their minds to become something they are not and to do things they themselves would never imagine doing.
Socially: from education at home to the school system, people are educated and taught according to societies needs and societies natural behavior (the stronger survives – the stronger lives better).

We believe that learning IDF Krav Maga is the best way to gain knowledge and confidence, when running across such threats & attacks.

IDF Krav MAGA School is the place to learn the original & best proven Self Defence System in the world!