What is the Difference???

Many people approach us and ask What is the difference between IDF Krav Maga System & other “krav maga”?
We get a lot of E-mails & phone calls inquiring about IDF Krav Maga School.

Here is what IDF Krav Maga School, Head Instructor had to say:

“Certification under Certification under someone that was certified in israel or by an israeli, just won’t do.
the core is right, but the actual techniques are lacking in every aspect”.

IDF Krav Maga School was approached by 2 very large organizations of “krav maga” and both has offered their certification and name for Only $1500.
There are advertisements on social media, for martial art clubs, talking of certifying them and giving a black belt after 20 concentrated hours of krav maga, so they are able to teach it as well.
minimum requirement??? not many…
Some have none & some require 3 years of martial art experience.
Does that look professional???

Any martial art gym or dojo, that is teaching a martial art self defense, calling it “Krav Maga”, is tricking people to believe, it is the system everybody has heard of…
The result is; people who wish to learn a very specific Self Defense System, are learning Mistakes!!!

Let us clear 1 thing for everybody;
IDF KRAV MAGA is the Original Military Close Combat Self Defense System
and referred to, in short, as Krav Maga.

When you are interested in watching online videos of the real form of Krav Maga,  search; IDF KRAV MAGA.

When you are interested in learning & practicing Krav Maga – Search for a  Certified  IDF Krav Maga instructor.
Not too many are out there, which keeps the system unique and efficient.